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Key Updates

Below are the current State bills we are tracking as Key Legislation, what that bill means to you, the Chamber’s position, and its status.

Repeal of Post-Labor Day School Start: SB 271 Labor Day weekend has a huge positive impact on tourism and retail industries in Northern Michigan. OPPOSE.

Passed Senate Committee on Education.

On Senate floor.

MI Thrive – Transformation Brownfield program: SBs 111-115

Package would allow large, “transformational” investments on contaminated brownfield sites to capture a percent of new income tax generated on site, and percentage of sales tax during the construction phase, in order to close financial gaps that would normally keep the project from happening.

The Chamber secured a “rural provision” in the package that will allow for smaller communities to take advantage of the program.

SUPPORT. The Chamber believes this is another tool that communities can use to spur job creating investment on some of the most difficult properties and buildings to redevelop in rural communities.

Passed Senate.

In House Tax Policy committee.

Good Jobs for Michigan: SB 242, 243, 244

The legislation would allow for an income tax withholding incentive for a business that creates 500 new jobs, or 250 new jobs at a wage 125% of the average regional wage.


NEUTRAL. The Chamber believes that the bills as written would not be usable in northern Michigan or most rural areas. The Chamber is actively working with the bill sponsors, legislators in the House and Senate, and the Governor’s office to amend the bill with language that would lower the job creation requirements to be more in tune with rural areas like northern Michigan (example: 25-50 jobs). The Chamber agrees with the concept that Michigan should look at revitalizing a simple, performance-based incentives program to help attract and retain employers in Michigan, but has concerns that this program is too focused on large employers in SE Michigan, and is unusable for northern Michigan companies.

Passed Senate.

In House Tax Policy committee.

Budget: Pure Michigan Funding Gov. Snyder has proposed maintaining funding for the Pure Michigan campaign at $36 million in his FY 2017-2018 budget. The Pure Michigan campaign has shown a 6 to 1 return on investment across the state and brings billions to northern Michigan’s economy. SUPPORT. We support efforts to maintain funding the Pure Michigan campaign at $36 million.   Snyder budget maintains at $36 million.House budget cuts $2 million to $34 million.
Budget: Skilled Trades Training Program (GoPro) increase The STTF (now called GoPro) is the most successful workforce training program in decades, showing a return on investment 13 times greater than what was invested in the program ($8.7 million in FY ’16-17). However, the demand for the STTF exceeds supply. The Chamber joins our workforce agency partners in calling for a $20 million increase in the FY ’17-18 budget. SUPPORT.

Snyder budget calls for $5.3 million increase.

House budget calls for $5.3 million increase.