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2017 Virtual Candidate Forum

meet the Candidates:

Questions – click on the question below to view the candidate’s response.

Q1: Do you support the use of economic and community development tools available to the city (e.g. – Tax Increment Financing (TIF), Brownfield TIF, Downtown Development Authority, Corridor Improvement District)? Please explain with as much detail as possible.

Q2: There is broad consensus throughout the city – from planners to the business community to residents – about the need for housing options. What specific ideas or policies do you support to solve the need for more housing options across the price range spectrum?

Q3: Opening and running a business can be a challenging, time consuming task for any individual. What will you do to support entrepreneurs and business owners to help them interact with the city as efficiently as possible?

Q4: What are your thoughts on TC Light & Power proposal to create a fiber internet network for their customers?

Q5: The Chamber is embarking on a new project to grow and attract creative industries and creative talent in the Traverse City area (e.g. – film, art, technology, advertising, graphic design, writing & publishing, visual arts, architecture, culinary, etc.) What can you do as a city commissioner to support efforts like this to grow creative industries and year around job opportunities in our area?

 video forum

 1. Introduction
2. HOw would you support infrastructure investment throughout the city?  what are your infrastructure priorities?


3. Traverse City has a perception of being in its own bubble, but in reality is very interconnected and the hub of the region.  what will you do to work with other units of government and community entities to ensure we are addressing priorities such as infrastructure, economic development, and health & safety for the region?


4. what do you hope to accomplish in your time as a city commissioner?


*Jeff Leonhardt – did not complete video forum portion.