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Jonathan Pool BIO


“That will never work!” and “Nobody else does it that way” are motivating words to one who sees possibilities that others don’t see, a realm Jonathan Pool relishes and excels in.  With a background as an engineer, and as a strategist for leaders and team members, Jonathan’s big picture perspective and possibilities filled mind pave the way for breakthrough thinking and unexpected results.

There is nothing better than aligning vision and values in a way that leads to paradigm shifting results. Jonathan works with organizations and individuals to bring the clarity that leads to breakthrough thinking, and true alignment. He is one of only several master level certified facilitators for Tom Paterson’s strategic process for individuals, and since 2010 Jonathan has worked with Otterbox™ to individually guide more than 100 of their leaders through the process of charting their own strategic pathway in work and life.

His energy is contagious and his presence commands attention whenever he facilitates groups, guides individuals, speaks or teaches.  He is based in Traverse City, Michigan and serves a national client base.