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Health Care Reform Answers

A new resource for chamber members to get answers to questions about Health Care Reform

logoWe understand that our members have several questions regarding health care reform. Since our goal has always been to provide you with solutions that help your business grow, we would like to introduce

MI Health Answers is an educational website sponsored by the chamber of commerce community for employers and their employees looking for information on health care reform and purchasing health insurance in Michigan.

Delivering answers in three ways:

  1. Ask the Advisor- Ask any question of our in-house service team who will research and respond directly to your inquiry.
  2. Explore Answers- Post a question or search other answers in our knowledge community with contributions from other industry experts.
  3. Research our Library- Examine the latest information and updates based on recent developments and frequently asked questions.

Current Health Care Industry Leaders: Join the Chamber’s Community of Health Insurance Experts

If you are a current leader in the field of health care, create a profile on the site and start answering questions.  Responses will be ranked in order to create greater opportunities for exposure for you or your business. High ranking responders will be able to partner with the Chamber on targeted future seminars, webinars and roundtables.

Visit and start answering questions today!