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tcyp-allison-beers“For the past six years I have had the honor and the pleasure to serve at the program coordinator for the Traverse City Young Professionals (TCYP).  As a founding member of the program, it has been amazing to watch the program grow and develop.  I am thrilled to serve at the 2015 Chair of the program.

Ten years ago I moved back to Michigan and was looking for a resource to connect, serve and grow and TCYP was the perfect place to plug in. Each young professional has a voice and a unique set of characteristics and skills to contribute to the community. Together, we can continue to ensure the future is bright by getting engaged and having a voice in our neighborhoods, schools and environment, and ultimately, the place we call home.”

– Allison Beers – YP Chair

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The YP program strives to highlight the Traverse City area as a destination for young professionals to begin, grow, and become leaders in their field.



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