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Traverse City and our nearby communities have become more than just a place for people to visit. Thanks to a thriving local business economy, entrepreneurial spirit, and Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce, it’s now a place for young professionals to live, work, play and ultimately call home. As an extension of the Traverse City Area Chamber, the Traverse City Young Professionals program, or TCYP program, gives YPs a voice, a network, and opportunities to connect with the community and develop into the next generation of leaders.

Five years ago I moved to northern Michigan looking for new opportunities. Engaging in the TCYP program was an instant charge to my new northern Michigan life and career, and gave me the friends, purpose and place I needed to call Traverse City home. I invite any TCYP to engage in our program and the Traverse City Chamber. The connections and opportunities here are life-long!” – Lauren Harris, YP Chair


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The TCYP Brief is an e-newsletter sent to Young Professionals on the first Tuesday of each month.

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Each young professional has a voice and a unique set of characteristics and skills to contribute to the community. Together, we can continue to ensure the future is bright by getting engaged and having a voice in our neighborhoods, schools and environment, and ultimately, the place we call home.

Allison Beers

YP Coordinator