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CDFI Certification a Game-Changer for Northern Michigan

By Laura Galbraith Process is something that doesn’t make headlines or grab much attention. But taking the time and making the effort to do something right almost always pays dividends in the end. Venture North Funding & Development just completed the important process of becoming certified as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) by the […]

Munson Medical Center Offers Mobile Hearing Clinic

A new mobile hearing clinic at Munson Medical Center, made possible by a generous $314,000 grant from The Carls Foundation, will help identify any hearing loss issues in schools, factories and communities across northern Michigan. “We are excited to put this new state-of-the-art clinic on the road to benefit northern Michigan residents,” said Nick Erikson, […]

Member Spotlight: Cambria Suites Sets the Standard

Among the many reasons for the continued success and growth of the Grand Traverse region’s lodging and tourism industry is the superior quality of the properties – and the people who own and operate them. Alex Mowczan, president of Cambria Suites in Traverse City, isn’t just a local force in the tourism sector – he’s […]

Several State Budget Wins for Chamber/Alliance

The Traverse City Area Chamber and its partners at the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance were able to close the deal on several of their major legislative priorities that were addressed with Michigan lawmakers at their meetings in May on the anticipated 2017-18 state budget being finalized by legislators this week. They include: -Restoration of “2x” […]

Chamber Board Talks Fiber Options

The Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce has opened dialogue with Traverse City Light & Power Co. over the utility’s study of possible development of a fiber-optic network to deliver high-speed internet service to business and residential customers in the utility’s service district. Light & Power representatives have met with the Chamber’s Government Relations Committee […]

How Successful Do We Want to Be?

Success can be highly fluid. It can be fleeting, and dissipate even more quickly than it evolved. It can also have vastly different meanings to different people. Individuals can be secure and comfortable in their own situations, and define that as success. Others can attain a similar level of comfort and security, but not feel […]

A Century of Honor

HONOR – There’s an old saying about great things coming from small beginnings. It’s not a proverb generally associated with the financial sector – but it’s an apt description for Honor Bank. From its humble beginnings in a lumbering town on the Platte River in the heart of Benzie County, Honor Bank is getting ready […]

Great Lakes Orthopaedic Honored

The country is fortunate to have men and women who step up to serve as reservists for the Armed Forces. Equally important are the employers of those reservists who allow them the opportunity to serve their country. One of those employers is the Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center in Traverse City. Great Lakes Orthopaedic Center was […]

Member Story: Incredible Mo’s Makes a Difference

GRAWN – It’s still a couple hours until opening, but a buzz is already reverberating through Incredible Mo’s. It’s not the sounds of thundering bowling pins or ringing arcade games normally associated with the family-fun recreation center. It’s the sound of children – playing, running, expending their boundless energy. And of adults – talking, reminding […]

SOS Learning Lab Continues to Grow

SOS Learning Lab’s $25,000 USDA Loan will help Caperton, the business’ founder and owner, to expand into a third classroom and conference space at the business. The space will be used for counselors and group sessions, to conduct college prep offerings and expand on its partnership with the Michigan College Planning organization. The loan is […]

ERG! Fruit and Nut Bars to Expand

Since launching their ERG! Fruit and Nut bar business five years ago, Dennis and Katy Bean-Larson have grown their operation to where their products are available in some 150 retail outlets across multiple states. Locally, consumers can find ERG! Bars in Tom’s Food Markets, Oleson’s Food Stores, Oryana, Edson Farms and elsewhere. They’re currently selling […]

TC Bridal Shop Grows with Venture North

As the Traverse City area continues to grow as a national wedding destination, Sovis and Zimmerman each had ideas about starting a local bridal shop to be part of this expanding opportunity. But neither knew about the other’s plans until they had a conversation about the idea when they were both employed by the Yen […]