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Small Town Character…or Small Town Politics?

The phrase “small town character” continues to work its way into the vernacular of public discourse in the Traverse City area. It’s a curious if somewhat effective way of shaping the region’s ongoing development debate. After all, who doesn’t embrace the idea of a quaint, safe, quiet and caring community to describe the place called […]

Without Risk, There is No Reward

How many things in life go exactly as planned on the first try? Not many. It’s why phrases like “trial and error” and “don’t give up” are familiar themes in most people’s personal and professional experiences. Successful endeavors are often built on a foundation of failed circumstances. There’s an endless list of life situations where […]

BATA Support Part of Chamber’s ‘Building Community’

The Traverse City Area Chamber’s recent endorsement of the May 2 property tax proposal from the Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA) spawned some push-back the organization occasionally hears: “The Chamber is a business organization; it should never support tax increases.” But step back a moment and take a broader, longer-term look. Our support for effective […]

How Successful Do We Want to Be?

Success can be highly fluid. It can be fleeting, and dissipate even more quickly than it evolved. It can also have vastly different meanings to different people. Individuals can be secure and comfortable in their own situations, and define that as success. Others can attain a similar level of comfort and security, but not feel […]

Business Needs a Voice

The Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce is a well-known, impactful voice on behalf of business.  Many times, it is the only organization speaking up for small business on local and state issues.  Not everyone believes it is appropriate to wade in on issues, however:  “You’re the Chamber – you’re supposed to be neutral,”  is […]

Resolved for More Civility in 2017

A presenter at a recent Young Professionals gathering at the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce offered some words of wisdom when making New Years’ resolutions: keep the list short, and it will be more realistic to accomplish. That’s solid advice and a good way to start the New Year. Let’s try it by suggesting […]

Support Senate Energy Bills

The Traverse City area is rapidly growing, thanks in part to a budding entrepreneurial climate bolstered by an unusually strong rural business community. This is no time to rest on our laurels, though. To remain a viable economic center, the region must continue to support policies and strategies that will benefit businesses and families alike. […]

Keeping It Real Heading to ‘17

The change of the calendar that accompanies the holiday season is often considered a good time to take stock in one’s personal and professional place in the world. Similarly, it’s an opportunity to look at where our community has been in the recent past, and where we’re headed in the foreseeable future. One of the […]

Pay Now or Later – an Old Lesson to Re-learn

One of the iconic advertisements in television history dates to the early 1970s as an auto mechanic extols the benefits of being proactive: “You can pay me now or pay me later.” That ad campaign promoted oil filters, but the message still resonates more than 40 years later as a reminder that long-range strategies and […]

It’s a Big Job to Grow Jobs

There’s been an increased focus in recent months on the Grand Traverse region’s job market – more specifically how to bring higher-paying jobs to the area. Communities across the country are on the hunt for companies large and small to bolster their employment ranks with good-paying jobs, the kind with career opportunities that put employees […]

Success Today Ensures Nothing Tomorrow

Success is something with many levels and various ways in which it’s measured. Among the most-elusive is long-term success: steady, definable prosperity and growth achieved over years, decades – hopefully generations. Not many entities reach that level of success. People are fortunate when they’re able to be part of such an operation. That kind of […]

‘We Have Met the Enemy – and He is Us’

The headline is from a 1970 Earth Day poster featuring the comic strip character Pogo, famously paraphrased by cartoonist Walt Kelly from Commodore Perry’s historic dispatch after defeating the British Fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812. It’s also an apt description of the ongoing community debate over development opportunities […]

Summer Season Builds Year-Round Prosperity

I have a lot of ways to describe this time of the year in the Grand Traverse region: anticipation, excitement, enjoyment, diversity, recreation, entertainment and fun among others. Others might use different words like traffic, crowds or hassle (me too, sometimes). But that negativity serves no purpose and, frankly, just makes things worse. Summer tourism […]

A Big Effort to Celebrate our Small Businesses

By Doug Luciani You’ve heard this said at award shows and ceremonies: “There are so many people I have to thank…I hope I don’t leave anyone out…” That’s how the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce always feels at the end of its annual Small Business Celebration – so many to thank, so little time. […]

Chamber and TraverseCONNECT Letter on Costco Project

Dear Commissioners, While there is much excitement about the possibility of Costco coming to Traverse City, there are also some very practical benefits of the zoning amendments before you that pertain to expanding opportunities and resources for funding infrastructure and operations of the Cherry Capital Airport. The Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce has worked […]