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Munson Medical Center Offers Mobile Hearing Clinic

A new mobile hearing clinic at Munson Medical Center, made possible by a generous $314,000 grant from The Carls Foundation, will help identify any hearing loss issues in schools, factories and communities across northern Michigan.

“We are excited to put this new state-of-the-art clinic on the road to benefit northern Michigan residents,” said Nick Erikson, director of Munson Medical Center Outpatient Services. “This clinic can help companies stay in compliance with OSHA requirements and is equipped with specialized audiometer capabilities for testing school children.”

Hearing loss can make life challenging for a student in the classroom, and potentially dangerous for employees in industrial work settings.

The hearing clinic is the latest in a long list of support totaling more than $4 million to Munson Healthcare from The Carls Foundation for a variety of projects. Munson Healthcare Foundations Chief Development Officer Des Worthington said a 1986 gift from The Carls Foundation initially established Munson Medical Center’s William and Leni Carls Speech and Hearing Clinic.

“We are so grateful for their continuing generosity to the residents of northern Michigan,” Worthington said. “Their most recent gift has enabled this purchase of a valuable asset for all of us and especially for the most vulnerable in our communities, our children.”

The mobile clinic is staffed by specialists, including audiometric technicians, and is equipped with the latest screening technology. Microprocessor testing allows for complete record-keeping and up to four people can be tested at a time.

For more information about the mobile hearing clinic or to set up a visit go to or call 231-935-6455.

-By Dale Killingbeck of Munson Healthcare