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Apply Early for One-day Liquor Licenses

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) is urging licensees and nonprofit organizations to plan ahead when seeking a “special” liquor license for the 2017 outdoor hospitality season. Special licenses, which are also known as the one-day license, allows nonprofits in Michigan to serve alcoholic beverages at outdoor, fundraising and other specialty events.

This time of year the MLCC receives an increase in requests due to the festive summer season that includes outside patio parties, street events and beer tents. MLCC rules require that nonprofit organizations submit their request ten days prior to the event. Due to the high demand during this season, applicants are urged to submit requests well before the ten day period to ensure that ample processing time exists for review and consideration by the MLCC.

Establishments that are already licensed to serve alcohol, but are not legally permitted to serve guests in outdoor areas are also required to file an application for temporary outdoor service for specific events or to request permanent permission to utilize the outdoor area throughout the year.

“When the summer begins, businesses and organizations often want to expand the use of outdoor service areas, special events and festivals” said Andy Deloney, MLCC Chairman. “It is important that everyone understands how vital it is to apply in advance as we process thousands of Special License applications during these months.”

For more information on how to apply for special or one day liquor licenses or for more information about the MLCC, please visit