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SOS Learning Lab Continues to Grow

SOS Learning Lab’s $25,000 USDA Loan will help Caperton, the business’ founder and owner, to expand into a third classroom and conference space at the business. The space will be used for counselors and group sessions, to conduct college prep offerings and expand on its partnership with the Michigan College Planning organization. The loan is also helping with business expenses including the purchase of a new computer to help with its financial and organizational management.

Caperton said while the Venture North funding has been an invaluable resource for her business, the business expertise available through Venture North and its partners has also played a major role in the company’s growth and success. Her primary education and experience has been focused on the classroom side of her business. She said her work with Venture North has helped her learned about the financial and management angle of her business, which has been critical to helping it expand.

“The whole business world is kind of new to me,” Caperton said. “So Venture North has been really helpful with understanding my growth and knowing how to grow….if I didn’t have them going through the process, I don’t know where I’d be.”

SOS provides educational services for all ages and abilities to help people achieve success at school, work and in their lives. It specializes in the unique needs of people with learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, ADD and ADHD and other challenges. More information is available at its website at

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